20 October 2009

Out and about, Musee D'orsay again

They had this really nice John Currin!
 sike :-/

Oh it was one of those museum visits, where I get really mad at tourists and their cameras. Aside from my mystification at why one would go there to take pictures of paintings instead of looking at them (and surely you can find these widely disseminated images online, in better quality)-- every time someone's flash goes off it tears out a little piece of my heart. After today I have very little heart left.


Henri Rousseau's La Guerre, ou, La Chevauchée de la Discorde
Definitely the highlight of the visit. One you must see to believe.
(bad reproduction but even worth click to see it larger)

I also came across the longest description of medium I've ever seengrâce à Degas:
"Peinture à l'essence et peinture à l'huile sur monotype sur papier rose doublé sur carte et marouflé sur toile"

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