15 October 2009

IN WHICH I go to museums, part 2

The Louvre:

OK, not gonna lie, I haven't been carrying my camera around 'cause I don't want to look like a tourist. I just really love it when Americans, trying to be polite, speak to me in faltering French.

Really, I look at things better if I have to remember them without pictures. But, soon enough, I will go out and take all the requisite photos, Eiffel tower etc.

It is a really sweet camera though, I bought it used at B&H in NYC just before coming, with some money from selling some paintings (!). 

Since I'm living in France and under 26, I get into the museums for free. But the Venetian Painters exhibition, that I had so badly wanted to see in Boston this summer, cost 11 Euros additional. So I paid 15 euros and now I am a young friend of the Louvre and I can see the exhibition as many times as I want + get in with no lines + bring a friend for free + free to concerts lectures etc. LOVE

I didn't make it to anything other than that exhibition- only half it, actually- loved it so much that I got a terrible headache. Will go back soon & frequently. To be continued.

Info/pics of exhibition: http://mini-site.louvre.fr/venise/en/index3.html

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